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What's New: Lettuce Head Labs Live Resin Concentrates

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We can't get enough of Lettuce Head Labs live resin crumble, budder, and diamonds! Badazz Rolex and Money Maker, anyone?? 🤯 You've got to get your hands on this new concentrate brand today!

So let's talk about this locally-owned medical marijuana processor... First of all, every full-spectrum jar is extracted live to maximize flavor and terpene concentration. And the flower that it's produced from? You can smoke in confidence knowing it's all additive and pesticide-free.

Assorted strains from #LettuceHeadLabs are now available at #CannatopiaOK Tulsa. Shop #Shatterday to receive 15% off #LettuceHead and other #concentrates every Saturday!

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