At Cannatopia, our mission is to provide a safe, clean, respectful, and compassionate environment that welcomes all OMMA licensed medical marijuana patients with affordable, trusted products and friendly, knowledgeable budtenders.



In August 2016, the Gramm family sat anxiously awaiting the results of their youngest son's colonoscopy. Aaron was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 10, followed by 13 years of hospital stays, emergency room visits, and doctor appointments. Anxiety, depression, stomach pain, insomnia, and chronic fatigue were apart of Aaron's every day life.

Aaron quit all pharmaceutical drugs in February 2016 and began a cannabis oil regimen in April 2016. His energy levels began to increase and his stomach pain improved; Aaron began to eat again, laugh again, and the long-missed sparkle in his eyes returned.

Aaron reached clinical remission in August 2016 after using cannabis oil for 4 1/2 months. His doctor's exact words were, "our boy is beautiful!" There were no signs of Crohn's disease, something pharmaceutical drugs were unable to do for him. There were tears, hugs, and high-fives that day.

Today, Aaron is still in remission; cannabis changed his life. Following their experience, the Gramm family felt inspired and compelled to share the goodness of the beautiful, incredible plant.

The original Cannatopia Grow Supply & Dispensary opened in May 2019 near Grand Lake in Langley, Oklahoma. Thanks to a loyal customer base and incredible team, the Gramm family sought out a second location to expand the business; Cannatopia Tulsa opened in July 2020.