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What's New: Dog Town Farms Concentrates

Happy 2021 Cannatopia family! We're thrilled to start the new year off with an absolutely đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„ concentrate brand, Dog Town Farms located out of Dustin (AKA Dogtown), Oklahoma. Before we hype up Dog Town Farms too much, let us SHOW you why we're s[toke]d to have this brand on our shelf...

Convinced yet? đŸ€“ Let us continue... Dog Town Farms produces LOUD cannabis concentrate, a byproduct of great energy, determined drive, and a support network of friends and family. They channel the rich history of their small town (Dustin, OK) patched together over the years by Native American tribes, generational farming, and roughneck living. Dog Town believes their farming should reflect the pioneer spirit of self-sustaining determination by enhancing the health of their land, plants, animals, and humans as one and indivisible.

#DogTownFarms is now available at both #CannatopiaOK locations, featuring high-quality diamonds, sugar badder, live resin, and badder at an attainable price. Shop #Shatterday and save an additional 15% on all concentrates, including #DogTown, whom invites you to LIVE LIFE LOUD.

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