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Flower Friday: What to Smoke this Rainy Weekend

It's #FlowerFriday at #CannatopiaOK and if you're anything like us, looking at the 7-day forecast gives us more reason to smoke on some new strains until we see sunny days again. 🤞Check out our top three strains to try this weekend below:

1. Tangie Cookies: 26.2% THC, 0.2% CBD, 2.4% Terpenes

We were lucky enough to get our hands on this rare sativa-dominant strain from our good friends at Gold Rush Premium Extracts. Offering an intense citrus flavor (hello, Tangie 👋) and an energizing euphoria, Tangie Cookies is the perfect daytime strain for your household chores.

2. Trop Juice: 24.4% THC, 2.1% Terpenes

If you're a big fan of the smell of OJ, we'd venture to assume you'd be a big fan of Trop Juice, also, because this one smells just as that. 💯 Trop Juice was grown by our friends at Hideaway Farms located in Tonkawa, Oklahoma; this strain (and every Hideaway Farms) strain is 100% organically grown, meaning grown in its natural soil - pesticide and chemical free. Trop Juice offers patients a dual mind and body high, with deeply relaxing and calming effects.

3. House Margy: 27% THC, 1.4% CBD, 6.6% Terpenes

House Margy is our favorite all-around strain right now due to it's favorable potency, uplifting, yet calming effects, and big, beautiful nugs. Exclusively grown by Grogenex located in Bixby, Oklahoma, House Margy is the indica-dominant cross of Frozen Margy and Girl Scout Cookies. Perfect for a rainy day, House Margy will enhance your mood and provide a relaxing euphoria that will not put you completely to sleep.

Did you enjoy our recommendations this #FlowerFriday? Let us know, and thank you for choosing to shop #CannatopiaOK!


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