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CannaFaves: GRAV Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season to spread the love... and as the saying goes, "a friend with weed is a friend indeed". Our GRAV Holiday Gift Guide is a complete list of the top smoking companions from our favorite glassmaker headquartered out of Austin, Texas! 🎁

First up on our list is that teal steamroller right there in the center of the left photo... Ah yes, the GRAV Rocker Steamroller ($29.99) 😉 This handy hand pipe is virtually unspillable and unbreakable. There’s also a hole over the ergonomically positioned carb, and the comfortable silicone mouthpiece forms an ash catching restriction that makes your hits even smoother.

Also seen is the GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe ($129.99), the perfect coffee table accessory. The flat base sits perfectly in your hand and the custom conical six-hole fission perc creates a satisfying glug when you pull.

The GRAV Orbis Coppa Water Pipe ($149.99) positioned furthest to the left in the photo offers the smoothest inhale bursting with flavor due to the small and slender vase design. The Orbis Coppa is built to hold the most divine substances from extracts to hash rosin.

Our all-time favorite simple on-the-go GRAV Concentrate Taster ($9.99) is just small enough to fit inside your stocking this holiday. The compact piece includes a glass arm and a perfectly placed glass dish.

Finally, last but certainly never least, is the ultimate gravity bong, the answer to your unsung wishes, the GRAVITRON ($64.99)! 🦸‍♂️ The ultimate party pipe creates big, efficient hits through gravity and pressure. The GRAVITRON is still considered one of the most efficient smoking devices on the market today.

All GRAV items are available at both #CannatopiaOK locations; call ahead for colors and availability.

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